2020 Partners

You don’t get to be a worldwide leader and an industry standard without a little help. Over the years, 2020 has built the largest partner ecosystem in our industry, and this helps us support our customers across the globe in more than 20 languages. We support our customers where they do business, in the language in which they do business and on the platform they do business. In fact, millions of design professionals, retailers and furniture manufacturers use our products across the world.

2020 Partners have access to the 2020 Partner Portal, a self-service site containing a vast array of tools and resources designed to make your job easier and maximize your success.

Partner Portal

Value Added Resellers

Our VARs sell 2020 applications packaged with or alongside their own products and services. Industry experts in their own right, 2020 VARs have the knowledge and expertise to engage and support customers through their understanding of the local market in the design, retail and furniture-making industries.

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Integration Partners

2020 Integration Partners provide products which integrate with and/or complement our products to enhance or extend the solutions we provide. Our integration partners ensure that their products are interoperable with ours and that data and other information can flow easily between applications.

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Technology Partners

2020 Technology Partners provide technology components to us, or use technology components we provide to them. By using best-in-class technology components we can optimize our development resources to create better products, faster.

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Services Partners

2020 Services Partners provide project management, training, consulting and implementation services to help customers deploy, maintain and optimize our solutions within their business—maximizing the return on their investment in 2020 solutions.

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Content Partners

There are two types of 2020 Content Partners, those who author and those who publish. 2020 Content Author Partners provide specialized services to customers for the authoring and maintenance of catalog content using 2020 authoring tools. 2020 Content Author Partners are trained and certified by 2020 to deliver the high levels of quality and robustness our customers expect. 2020 Content Publisher Partners publish their catalogs via the 2020 Distribution Service, taking advantage of the opportunities to advertise and promote their products and offerings through the 2020 website, Point-of-Sale products and more, placing products directly into the hands of dealers and designers worldwide.

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2020’s worldwide network of partners is focused on addressing our customers’ business needs, maximizing ROI and ensuring customer success. Locate a 2020 Partner today!

VARs – Americas

Pontta Tecnologia – Brazil
Goose Holdings– Canada
Pro2040 – Americas


The Laminex Group – New Zealand
YMM Co. – Japan


DB-Manager OyEstonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania
EVRYNorway, Sweden
FAETON LtdRussia
ITM Spain
ITM SpPoland
Maxima SoftwareBotswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
PPS – Produtos Perifericos e Sistemas LdaPortugal
Simar automatisering bvNetherlands, Belgium

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Laser / Digital Measuring Systems

ETemplate Systems
Laser Products


WhySoft Group


Cadsoft (Home)

3D Viewers


CNC Vendors

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