2020 Fusion Inspiration Awards 2016 Gallery
360 Panorama Contest

How do your kitchen designs inspire warmth, creativity & functionality? Whether you are designing a traditional, contemporary or country kitchen, how do you transform a space into a home? Designers from across the United Kingdom have submitted their most inspiring kitchen designs using 2020 Fusion over the last 30 days. With over 30 kitchen panoramas submitted in 3 different categories, 2020 is ready to announce the winners!

Meet the Winners!

Traditional Category

Richard Johns from RJ Signature Kitchens

“With the introduction of 360 Panorama, my clients can now see how their finished kitchen will look in the comfort of their own home.”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“This design is a great representation of what 2020 Fusion is capable of. The use of the sloped ceilings, the different colour and material combinations and the ability to bring the outside into the design are truly what make this design special!”—Frank Shortt, Sales Representative

“The tiling work was fantastic- the brick pattern made this design stand out! The brick wall in the dining area was also a great finishing touch to complete the room.”
Oliver Farrant, Senior Customer Support Specialist

Modern/Contemporary Kitchens Category

Arran Whitehouse from Anthony Sanders

“Having been a 2020 user for over 15 years it has become second nature to me in my designing. I love the way that it allows me to be flexible in creating the perfect room for our clients. The graphic features, up-to-date catalogues and crisp life like renditions means the customer gets to see their dream kitchen before any work starts. I find it to be an invaluable tool of the trade when designing. Both myself and the customers particularly love the 360 panoramic view! Especially when viewed through the virtual reality viewer in the customer’s property. I would be lost without 2020 Fusion!”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The room feels like a complete story from the accessory rich kitchen to the comfy couch to the loaf of bread on the counter. This design truly makes a family feel welcomed!”
—Nicole Mentzen, Marketing Manager

“The different uses of materials is extraordinary. I particularly enjoy the use of mirrors in the space to create realistic & reflective surfaces. The design is also very sleek and contains very clean lines.”
Oliver Farrant, Senior Customer Support Specialist

Country Kitchens Category

David Finnegan from The Panelling Centre

“The panoramic feature brings designs truly to life for all our clients and from the comfort of their own home! This sets our designers apart from the competition.”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The ability to truly span the entire room and feel that each section is separate yet creates a cohesive country design is impressive.  I truly enjoyed the use of space within the kitchen along with the mix of different colours and textures.”Nicole Mentzen, Marketing Manager

“The level of detail in this design is exquisite from the fully stocked bookcase to the multicolored chairs taken directly from the 2020 Cloud, David really has an eye for detail.”—Frank Shortt, Sales Representative


Traditional Kitchens

Think warm & inviting with clean simple lines.


Modern/Contemporary Kitchens

Think sleek, modern & cutting-edge with strong horizontal lines.


Country Kitchens

Think warm & homey with elements from nature incorporated.