2020 Ideal Spaces

2020 Ideal Spaces is an innovative online space planning software solution for interior design. In today’s marketplace , customers are more involved in the design and space planning process than ever before, accessing retail products and establishing their design preferences from a variety of places—including home computers, in-store, and on mobile devices.

With 2020 Ideal Spaces planning software, retailers can align with customer behavior and engage with them on every step of their interior design journey.

Eight Waysers and manufacturers can host 2020 Ideal Spaces on their own web server to provide customers with a cutting-edge online space planning solution to plan and purchase their next interior design project. 2020 Ideal Spaces makes it easy and fun for end users to create their design projects, from start to finish, wherever they are—using actual in-store products.

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Beyond 3D Planning

Built-in inspiration and social features support project-based retailing.

online space planning solutions, space planning tool, retail marketing solutions

Cloud-Based Platform

Access-anywhere, branded interior design and online space planning solution using your products.

online space planning solutions, space planning tool, retail marketing solutions

Engaging Experience

In tune with how customers shop—increasing sales and social marketing.


2020 Ideal Spaces’ unique component architecture lets you Inspire, Design and Collaborate. Inspire your customer with prepared sample room layouts, space plans or help them Define their own, down to the last detail.  2020 Ideal Spaces’ close integration to current stock lists and retail promotions ensures an up-to-date end product, allowing your customer to collaborate with friends and family through a social and accessible online space planning project area.


The 2020 Ideal Spaces Inspire Module captures customer interest and qualifies leads through an interactive image gallery.

Eight Waysers can prepare sample interactive showrooms which will allow consumers to select and modify all of the elements, including appliances, bathroom fixtures, item materials and colors in order to showcase different store offerings and promotions. Consumers can access the user-friendly interface from the store, at home or anywhere they are connected. They can save ideas and preferences on style, colors, materials and more for later use in their own space planning project area.


The 2020 Ideal Spaces Define Module provides an immersive, 3D tool for space planning spaces, creating personalized interiors and configuring products—re-using consumer preferences created in the Inspire Module!

Eight Waysers can retrieve the customer’s design and/or project and assist with recommendations and completion of the design. Consumers can create their dream room with their exact room shape and measurements, view it in both 2D and 3D, then finalize their order online or in-store.


The 2020 Ideal Spaces Collaborate Module provides a personal project space for consumers to collaborate on a project with friends and family.

Eight Waysers can retrieve a consumer’s space planning project and become a collaborator in the project, participating in social discussions and sending notifications and reminders to the consumer. Consumers can access the project from home and discuss design ideas and share photos with friends and family.

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