20-20 Screen Layout and other Settings – handy backup/restore script

  • July 6, 2017 at 3:06 am #138114

    A new version of my 2020 Settings Saver script is here (3rd item down):

    Download and then extract the file to your desktop. When run, the script creates a directory on your desktop called 2020RESCUE and then asks you if you want to Backup or Restore

    Backup offers you a choice of registry setting and/or the config directory.

    Restore also offers the above choices.

    The registry backup is for your current drawing screen setup including toolbars etc. The config directory holds all the other settings including the display schemas, default logo file and much more.

    This script is supplied free for use and as always use at your own risk – I accept no liability for its use.

    I have tested on V11 on various Windows versions but I believe the script will work on V10 as well.

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