Exporting design data from a report(?)

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    I am building a sales tool for a customer who is using 2020 design. I believe they are currently using version 8, but in the process of upgrading. <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>I have never used 2020 design before.</span>

    As part of the tool, we will be importing the data from each design they create, to integrate with their sales process.

    Effectively, the data that I need to import is what is created when they do a report (including user code and description), however the various character separated export options appear to have data in varying columns depending on the design and I am unsure how to reliably extract the data from them.

    Is this the best method for extracting this data? (I need the “number” (1, 1.1, 1.2, 2 etc), the user code, description, price and type (cabinet, charge, accessory, etc) and any discounts. For all intents and purposes, I want to re-create the report from the exported data. Is there documentation to help me understand how to achieve this?


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    Hi Ben,

    Good luck with getting such info!

    A good few years ago we used to use this method but have since dispensed with it – we now use the Application Integration feature to generate an XML.

    From my memory, we had a visual scripting program that identified and deleted irrelevant lines from the CSV leaving only the cabinetry information. The columns containing the cabinetry info remain the same all the time e.g. if you export the Item List, column B always contains the quantity, C always contains the cabinet UserCode, D the ManufCode and E the Description.

    A lot of the lines however need to be dropped out and this is what the Visual Script did.

    I would use the manufCode to match the cabinets as the UserCode can vary depending on the settings in the catalogue – our Usercode incorproates the cabinet width as part of it so when a cabinet width is changed by a designer, so does the usercode.

    If you want to speak further, send me a personal email at [email protected]

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    Hi Mike,


    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the customer does not have the Application Integration feature, so it looks like I’m working with the CSV!

    Your description of the CSV doesn’t seem to match what I am getting though, so maybe there’s a different import option. What I have has the user code but no manufacturer code and it’s way over in column CY in one example. I thought we had another example where it was in a different column, but I don’t see that now (but we may have looked at it on their machine).



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    Hi Ben,

    I ran up an old copy of 8.1 and used it to generate some files. I have also created a set of instructions and zipped these up with the sample files. Get it here (it’s guaranteed virus free).

    For some reason (& I only had a quick play), the ManufactureCode is not being exported so you/they may have to use the UserCode which CAN change if the item is resized. This is something you or they will have to play with and get round.

    I do not recommend that you use the pricing embedded in 2020 Design as pricing changes frequently and also by materials – ideally, the pricing should be built into the software you are creating and you should give the client the option to update the pricing in your software. The quote option can hold up to 3 seperate price groups (although Design can hold much more than that).

    Other than that, I really recommend that your client pays the annual maintenance – it is a tax deductable expense and totally worthwile. My main client has 24 seats and various add-on options inlcuding Applicaton Integration and has never batted an eyelid at the annual maintenance costs.

    Hope this helps.


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