2020 Office Inspiration Awards 2017 Gallery

Workspaces are created to motivate & inspire! How do your office designs inspire creativity, motivate talent and encourage productivity? Show us! Office designers from around North America submitted their most brilliant designs using 2020 Visual Impression. 2020 is now ready to announce the winners!

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Groupe Lacasse Category

Peter Toews, Gray Office Furnishings
Breakroom by Lacasse STAD

“2020 Visual Impression…it helps sell furniture…really, it’s that simple!!”

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Design Experts Thoughts

“Peter shows that the STAD collection can adapt to every environment. The use of STAD shared storage systems and modular soft seating creates a mainly open workspace that is conducive to teamwork and communication, one of STAD’s main design features!”—Groupe Lacasse

Smart Spaces Category

Sabrina Silva, SKG
Clean Collaboration & Connectivity

“Everyone in the furniture industry knows that time is a crucial factor to our business. When you have a rendering software like 2020 Visual Impression, your time is used more efficiently because you can render and specify finishes simultaneously. I love how this program allows you to provide adequate lighting for a clear image, to include accessories for a more “lived-in” look, and to make your design come to life with finishes that will be used in a real-life application, all within a short amount of time.”

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Design Experts Thoughts

“This looks like a space that would allow for a high-tech group to work productively. The simplicity of room details really make the furniture stand out!”—Chad Bulthuis

Wellness in Design Category

Lucynda Slattery, Creative Office Pavilion

“There are so many reasons to love 2020 Visual Impression. The possibilities are endless on what can be created. I love that I can create a design and render it to a desired custom quality, that looks very real. Clients are always impressed! Bonus, it is a tool to help win bids!!”

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Design Experts Thoughts

“The open work space with the ping-pong table and informal meeting area make this a desirable space to work in and ultimately have fun in.”—Denise McKinley

Collaborative Designs Category

Elizabeth Favreau, W.B. Mason Co., Inc.
Conferencing with Seating Choices

“2020 Visual Impression, in a nutshell, was the key software that helped us win this $1.5+ million dollar list project! The realistic rendering allowed our end-user to visualize the potential for their new space and helped them to better understand the furnishings that we were proposing.”

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Design Experts Thoughts

“I love the layout of the room—incorporating the wall and the glass made the whole design feel realistic. But the best part of this design is the lighting along with the 2-point perspective.”—Nora Ramos

Flexible Plans Category

Kara Treen, National Office
Cleveland High Rise

“2020 Visual Impression gives life to all my projects! It is a very user-friendly design tool, that helps show exactly how I envision the space. Also, the ability to bringing in color makes a world of a difference when selling your designs.”

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Design Experts Thoughts

“The details in this design really make it stand out! From contrasting flooring materials to the bold panel fabrics, this visualization would show a prospective client exactly how their space would look and feel.”—Vanessa DeKoekkoek


Smart Spaces

Spaces that enhance technology and enable connectivity.


Wellness in Design

Fun spaces. Healthy spaces. Zen spaces.


Collaborative Designs

Spaces that encourage synergy across teams.





Flexible Plans

Spaces that have multiple uses.


Groupe Lacasse

Designs that feature Groupe Lacasse catalogs.