imm | Living Interiors 2018

January 15th – 21st 2018 | imm Cologne | Boulevard C-F, Booth 015

From the first customer contact to the assembly of your furniture — we support you in the optimization and execution of your processes.

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Allotment Solution: 2020 Insight

Optimize your production processes with a complete software solution

No one knows your business better than you. 2020 Insight works with your furniture manufacturing processes, not the other way around. Developed specifically for furniture manufacturers, 2020 Insight goes beyond traditional ERP to deliver a comprehensive manufacturing operations management platform that connects your furniture manufacturing processes to create a seamless flow of information from sales order to installation. 2020 Insight optimizes every step of your manufacturing operations, providing the agility you need to succeed in a constantly changing marketplace.

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Always be a step ahead with online data distribution

In order to gain a quick overview of sales, customers, and market situations, key figures are a valuable tool and essential for successful sales management. Only by means of continuous reporting can deviations and weaknesses be detected and corrected in a timely manner.
The figure-driven sales reporting from 2020 Insight is a key factor in your potential for success. In this way, you can define target variables in a well-founded manner and simplify control processes at the same time.

All of your production data at a glance, online and offline.

Key figures are indispensible guidelines and serve as the basis for variance analyses in the form of process benchmarks and as planning targets for future development. Production plays an important role in keeping the company competitive and profitable.

Production management and control require key figures that reflect the financial aspect of production related activities as well as their considerable external impact on customers and suppliers. 2020 Insight constantly provides you with up-to-date data that can be used to check key figures and identify shortcomings in the short term.

Customer Success Story

Industry 4.0 is not restricted to linked production in your business but also the inclusion of external partners into the network. This is particularly true for businesses of the supplier industry that build effective processes with their suppliers and customers and must guarantee consistent quality while meeting deadlines.

Eight Ways Solution: 2020 Ideal Spaces

Bring your customers’ dream spaces to life with 2020 Ideal Spaces

According to a Google study, 4 out of 5 people are now doing internet research before larger acquisitions. As more and more ‘Millenials’ browse the network, compare products and prices, and check inventory, retailers need to think more about how they are going to present themselves in the online market and how to adapt to the needs of a generation that wants to buy from anywhere.

With 2020 Ideal Spaces, our web-based 3D design tool, you offer your customers the freedom to let their creativity run free and create their perfect living spaces.

Have a look at the German 2020 Ideal Spaces solution at and .

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