2020 Design Inspiration Awards
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How do your kitchen designs inspire warmth, creativity & functionality? Whether you are designing a traditional, contemporary or transitional kitchen, how do you transform a space into a home? Designers from across North America submitted their most inspiring kitchen designs using 2020 Design over the last 30 days. With over 350 kitchen designs submitted in 4 different categories, 2020 is ready to announce the winners!

Meet the Winners!

Transitional Category

Jessica Almburg, Heritage Home Décor and Design
Classic Elegance meets Rustic Charm

“2020 Design helps our customers visualize their new space and it also helps us as designers to express our thoughts and ideas. It brings our design ideas to life, making for better design decisions. It makes the overall design process go smoother and takes the overwhelming feeling out of the process for the customer.”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The overall space layout is very organized and practical while the transitional elements keep
you moving throughout the room!”
—Vanessa DeKoekkoek, Global Training Manager at 2020

“Love the look and flow of the modern, built-in appliances with the more traditional, inset cabinetry.
Decorations inside of the cabinets makes the viewer feel like this could be their real kitchen!”
—John Morgan, 2020 Design Expert

Modern/Contemporary Category

Taryn Barth, Paragon Kitchens Ltd.
Harmony in Elegant Restraint

“It is the perfect software to create stunning photo-realistic renderings that are made to impress. The use of multiple brand-specific catalogs is a great way to create accurate, detailed designs. The best part is the new interactive renderings – virtual reality is the way of the future!”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The main focus of this design is the finishes. The over-exposed white color is brilliant use of the rendering capabilities of 2020 Design.
I just love the overall space organization and the intelligent selection of finishes. I can definitely picture myself in this beautiful kitchen!”—Christian Dubuc, VP Strategic Marketing at 2020

“Love, love, love the quartz/stone wall treatment behind the cooking surface. Well done on presenting the texture.
The use of the materials perfectly spotlights the ‘Ying and Yang’ essence of the shape of the island.”
—John Morgan, 2020 Design Expert

Traditional Category

Kailee Helget, R. Henry Construction Inc.
Elegant Traditional

“Easily creating life-like renderings is a valuable tool that excites clients and helps them to visualize their new kitchen or bathroom.”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The design really seems to come alive with all the special touches added; such as the reading glasses and newspaper.
I especially love the blackboard! Great use of space.”—Santiago Morales, 2020 Design Product Manger

“I like how the cook top is fortressed by the tall oven on the left and the refrigerator on the right. All the while there is an open space available to chop vegetables within arm’s length of a small sink.
Looks like the cook can get the job done with just a step and a turn!”
—John Morgan, 2020 Design Expert

Bonus 2020 Cloud Category

Jennifer Lamariana, from Signature Interior Designs
White Oak Transitional

“Using 2020 Design to sell a design concept makes my life easier. 2020 Design allows us to push the envelope and do new and exciting work.”

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Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“The balance of textures in this design is stunning! The reflection of the large scaled patterns on the floor and ceiling make this space look comfortable even though it looks to be quite large”—Vanessa DeKoekkoek, Global Training Manager at 2020

“The overall ‘texture’ of this rendering makes it really unique. It feels like the designer was looking for an ‘almost’ photo-realistic image with a touch of a ‘painting’ like quality. I really like the effect it gives.”—Christian Dubuc, VP Strategic Marketing at 2020

Expert’s Choice

Anthony Johnson, Kitchenetal Design Plus LLC
Simple with a Touch of Eclectic

“As an architectural technologist inclined toward kitchen and bath designs, I have been propelled by 2020 Design to produce impressive design presentations to close sales with my clients. While its presentation abilities are unique in the industry, its precision capabilities are far much more! I have been able to minimize errors drastically when it comes to installations and ordering of cabinets. My love for 2020 Design is unparalleled.”

Design Expert’s Thoughts:

“Clean, clear design. Excellent rendering quality and appealing perspective!”—Vanessa DeKoekkoek, Global Training Manager at 2020

“This image is the perfect example of the quality of project you can do with 2020 Design, from a rendering and design stand point. Definitely my #1 choice.!”—Christian Dubuc, VP Strategic Marketing at 2020

Transitional Kitchens

Think warm & inviting with clean, simple lines.

Modern/Contemporary Kitchens

Think sleek, modern & cutting-edge with strong horizontal lines.

Traditional Kitchens

Think about including architectural & finishing details in your design.


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