VR Interior Design Experience: How to Impress Your Customers

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VR Interior Design

Eight Waysers all over the world are using virtual reality to market their products, and it’s no surprise that the interior design industry is following suit. The VR interior design experience is becoming more and more popular, and it is a great way to close a deal with a client looking to re-design her kitchen and bathroom.
One of the main tools used to showcase a 3D rendering in virtual reality are VR glasses. There are many advantages to using virtual reality glasses to close a deal with a potential client, and we’ve compiled a list to make things easier for you.

Impressing Clients with the Full VR Interior Design Experience

VR Interior Design - The wow factor

The “WOW” Factor

The most obvious advantage of offering clients a virtual reality interior design experience is the “WOW” factor. Sure, a 360 panorama on your computer is impressive, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your space come to life through VR glasses.

Your customers are sure to be wowed because VR is most likely something they haven’t experienced before, especially not in the realm of interior design. Not only is it impressive, it also shows your clients that you’re incorporating modern technology into your designs and that you’re keeping up with the trends.

VR Interior Design - Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

VR interior design offers customers an immersive experience like no other. It is as close as they will get to seeing what their space will look like before making a final decision. Without the VR glasses, your client is simply relying on your computerized 3D rendering to reassure themselves that their kitchen is going to look and feel perfect.

The glasses are an added value for both the customer and the interior designer, because both parties get to visualize the space before fully committing. It also offers peace of mind because your client will be more confident with the decision they’ve made.

VR Interior Design - Avoiding Mistakes

Avoiding Mistakes

Another aspect that really drives the VR interior design experience home is the mistakes and the back-and-forth that can potentially be avoided with VR glasses. Not only can your clients visualize the space and comment on what they like or dislike, but you, as an interior designer, can see if there’s something about the room that’s not quite right.

When you immerse yourself in a design through VR glasses, it’s easier to gauge what needs to be modified. This saves a lot of time for interior designers, because it will most likely reduce the number of requests to make changes since the client can envision the space well before the project even begins.

VR Interior Design - Portability & Customization

Portability & Customization

The great thing about VR glasses is that there are several companies out there that sell portable ones that can be customized. This means you can have your logo and company name on your glasses (great for branding!), and you can bring them with you to your client’s house to give them the full virtual reality interior design experience.

is one such company: it designs custom branded VR viewers in several formats, and it is very affordable. Their most popular product is SMARTVR, and it can fit any smartphone device – all you need to do is download your 360 rendering onto your phone, pop your phone into the VR glasses, and begin your VR interior design journey.

Simple solutions

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