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  • April 15, 2018 at 9:22 pm #181910
    Brett Linger

    **I am brand new to 2020. I have found the resources to be very limited and am told that this is the best place to learn, what I assume should be relatively simple questions. I apologize in advance.**

    How do I print? How do I go about setting up my layout/setting the scale/ adding details/ omitting details for technical drawings?



  • April 16, 2018 at 10:33 am #181976
    2020 Expert

    Hello Brett,



    What you can try is browsing through the V11 training videos from within the program.

    Go to the Help menu above the Design screen.

    You can either do a Search in the Content menu or Watch Training Videos.

    Either method should answer most how to questions.


    You can also refer to the 2020 Knowledge Center

    The 2020 Knowledge Center is a collection of how-to articles related to 2020 products & services.

    Here you can get answers about download, installation, registration or updates or to other common questions related to your 2020 products.

    You can bookmark the page and check back regularly for updates.


    2020 Knowledge Center


    In addition to the above, you may also contact an agent directly at 1-866-697-2020 or by email at [email protected].



    Thank you

    2020 Support


  • April 17, 2018 at 12:57 am #182034
    The Laminex Group
    2020 Partner

    There’s a few questions you’re asking here. You change your display settings on a plan/elevation in the display settings (right click in a blank space display settings), here you can set the colours/fonts/etc (plus much more, and save the settings) for how things display.

    In terms of printing, start with file, Print, Print preview … Here you can set what you want to print (floor plan, elevation), set you scale, set your print mode (hidden lines, texture, work area)… so there are a few things that might get you on the right track.

    But yes as above, check the help,m, online training videos.



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