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As a long-time supporter of the NKBA, 2020 would like to connect with the local NKBA chapters throughout the year to offer presentation topics and to help promote your membership and meetings.

2020 would love to be a part of your local meetings. Below is an offering of presentations which will be submitted for CEU credit for 2018. If your meeting has 50 or more attendees, 2020 would like to hear about it and see if we could send you an industry expert to present. For smaller meetings, we can offer a virtual presentation.

2020 is happy to promote local chapter events. Connect with us on social.

Presentations Offered
This session will reflect on the evolution of how technology has changed the way we work through the design process. We will look at a variety of tools that allow creativity and capture the details required for a successful project.

If you are looking for ways to make your presentations stand out, you’ll enjoy this session. We’ll look at real-life examples and discuss, with a hands-on approach, how you can quickly leverage technology in your design business. Mobile devices (phones & tablets) are encouraged, strong Wi-Fi is required for this presentation.

1. Identify steps in the design process and optimize workflow
2. Learn how to inspire clients in methods that they relate
3. Create clear presentations to qualify the needs of your client

Living Spaces trends continue to skyrocket in Multi-Family dwellings and geez does that present more than a few challenges for designers. You want to give your client everything they want in the world including luxury, comfort, happiness, and harmony but you have to do all of this in smaller and smaller spaces. And the challenges don’t start in the room itself. They really begin right up front on your computer as you design, navigate and eventually present these tiny spaces to your clients Join me in this session as we look at best practices in small space design and take it a step further in sharing techniques in both designing in your CAD as well as how to best present/share the designs with your clients. We will focus on improving the design cycle as well as inspiring your clients with enhanced understandings of their space.
A typical day in the kitchen and bath industry is usually fun, rewarding and fulfilling but there are those moments that many dread. The moment your phone loudly blares the warning siren of a text message, email, phone call from a client that is less than satisfied … sometimes downright apoplectic.

Rest assured you are not alone, these moments happen to everyone at some point, but the most successful develop the skills to manage these moments to a successful conclusion. One proven tool is understanding how to best utilize the partnership between manufacturer, dealer, and designer to increase your probability of profitably navigating these situations.

Join us and take an in-depth look at real-life field examples, and develop successful job-site and project management tools to use in your own business. Happy customers equal successful businesses and keep all of us on course for fun, fulfilling and rewarding days in the kitchen and bath industry.

With almost Sci-Fi quality technology swirling around them, Clients today expect (sometimes demand) to be Wowed when it comes to designer presentations. And knocking their socks off is imperative to all of us to close that sale. But great renderings and presentations can do so much more for our businesses. They can help set the right client expectations up front to prevent issues later. Preventing future issues protects our margins. They can easily offer multiple design options and make it easier to for all of us to make smart decisions in design. That leads to happy customers. And they can help inspire clients to both works with us and create their future spaces. Join me in this session as I share best practices in the most advanced, yet easy design, rendering and presentation technique used by successful designers just like you. From design technology to digital output to true Virtual Reality experiences … we’ll learn a lot and have some fun too.

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